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Feature Series Announcement: Parcel Planning

My little sister, L’s boyfriend, J, is joining the Navy next week, signing up for a six year stint. She has asked for a series of care package ideas for him, as I am an experience care package sender.

There are a host of circumstances to take under consideration when assembling a care package. Distance, weather, and dietary restrictions all factor into the decisions of what kinds of food stuffs to include (a necessary care package ingredient in my book). Interests play a part, of course, but frequently the biggest concern is space. Not in the package itself, usually, as I’ve found that a medium sized flat rate box from the USPS holds a bounty of goodies, but in the recipient’s life. We tend to send care packages to college students, missionaries, and of course, members of the military. These people usually have small living spaces and move often, which means that too much “stuff” gets in the way. As an illustration, my Mom loves elephants, in all forms. We frequently buy her elephant cookie jars, etc as gifts. Were Mom a student, instead of an elephant cookie jar, I might buy her a t-shirt with an elephant on it. Or an elephant shaped flash drive. Elephant shaped sugar cookies. Something fun, and a little bit frivolous, yes, but still useful. With these thoughts in mind, I will assemble virtual care packages based on a loose theme.

The first Parcel Planning post will go up shortly.

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