Card Company Spotlight: justWink

Friday evening I was at Target with my cousin. We naturally spent a few minutes in the card aisle, where I found a new (to me) card company that I was quite impressed with. JustWink is a subsidiary of American Greetings, but with a more youthful, humorous, and trendy feel. After browsing their website, I’m even more impressed.

As they say on their “About” page:

justWink = always-awesome cards that will work for every who what and when in your crazy life.

We basically ask ourselves what dream greeting cards we WISH existed so we could send ’em to our people–and then we make those cards, so YOU can send them to your people and make them super-happy. Because we’re altruistic like that.

But maybe the best thing about justWink (aside from the perfect cards) is that you can send ’em however you darn please: send ’em the classic & classy way, via Real Mail (from stores or our rad app), or send them via Text Message, Facebook, and Email (from our app or this site). Whatever makes sense forYOU.

The justWink website connects with your facebook profile to give you reminders of your friends’ birthdays, and has an app for “on the go” card sending.You can send free interactive e-cards (through email, facebook, or text message), complete with photos and customized messages, and from their app, even send a physical card for a low fee.

JustWink cards tend towards the snarky and clever…probably not cards I’d want to send to my grandma, but great for my friends and sisters. I even bought one for my sister’s birthday later this month. There are the usual birthday, wedding, new baby, thank you, etc, cards, as well as some more…unusual categories, such as “fml” and “bromance”.

A few of my favorites after a quick browse:



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**All images copyright justWink and AGC, LLC. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any manner for this voluntary review. Any purchases made from links in this post may result in commissions for the author of this post.**


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