Spring Fever Parcel

I’m currently experiencing a major case of Spring Fever. I want change, I want to be outside, I want to ride my bike, and color pictures on the sidewalk. I want to wear flipflops, and start my tan. I want to be 13, hanging out at the base pool with my friends. The weather has just not been cooperating with me, though, so I’m using this as inspiration for a package.

Contents clockwise from top left:

  • Dinosaur Evolution T-shirt to celebrate the return of short sleeves. I’ve ordered from this Etsy shop before, and been impressed with their quality.
  • Sidewalk Chalk encourages a return to childhood!
  • The Outsiders…or really any good book to read while laying on the grass.
  • A pair of flipflops, because nothing says spring like a new pair of Old Navy classics.
  • Sunscreen to protect winter white skin.
  • And a hat, since the inspiration for this series came from my sister and her boyfriend, and I think J’s head might fall off if he didn’t wear a hat. Go Navy!
  • And what’s a care package without a treat? Pixy Stix are one of my favorites. They don’t melt, and you feel like a kid eating them. What could be better?

Write Back Soon!

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