Monthly Archives: March 2012

Let’s do this thing

I love mail. Who doesn’t, right? Opening up the box, finding an envelope with your name on it in someone awesome’s distinctive handwriting, a stamp, and that seal that they licked, even though they hate the taste? Because it was that important–that birthday card, or invitation, or letter. The photos of cousins far away. A postcard from a friend on a foreign adventure. The drawing from your niece. Or even better, a surprise package, or maybe one you hoped/suspected was coming (it is your birthday this week after all). And of course, the little something you ordered. Maybe it’s photos to frame and hang on the wall, maybe a treasure from Ebay or Etsy, maybe it’s a new pair of shoes from your favorite site, doesn’t matter, you know it makes you grin.

I might be a little more obsessed than most. I count it a bad day when all we get in the mail is advertisements or bills. My New Year’s resolution was to send more birthday cards and write more letters. I get super excited when the USPS issues a new line of stamps. I follow both the USPS and the UK’s Royal Mail on Twitter (them, and a best friend from forever…I’m new to Twitter). I write lengthy letters to my sister and cousin (who I talk to and text daily). We went shopping together, and now I’m nowhere to be seen? Check the card aisle. My dream for the world is for everyone (everyone!) to get real fun mail at least once a week. Seriously. I think this would totally bring about world peace.

In an effort to indulge my passion for the mail without bankrupting myself by buying out my local post office’s supply of stamps or Broulim’s entire stock of greeting cards, I decided to start this blog. Most “mail” blogs I’ve found focus either entirely on cards and stationery from independent designers, or on mail art, which is wonderful and exciting, but not quite my interest. I love love love cards and stationery, but I also live in a small town without a shop selling local designers (or if there is one, I haven’t found it yet!). Sometimes I don’t have time to order a card from an independent designer. I need a card RIGHT NOW, so I have to get a Hallmark or American Greetings card from the grocery store. And you know what? Not all of their products are horrific. In fact, most of them are amusing, and dare I say it, well designed. I know I’m not the only one in a situation like this, so while I plan to feature independent designers I do/would patronize, I’m also going to highlight the occasional product from the mass market lines.

I’m not entirely sure how this new project is going to play out. I have a loose posting schedule in mind, but I’m not always great about schedules, so we’ll see. I hope you’ll come along for the adventure!